Welcome to a Poem a Day: April & May!

Hello, all! Welcome to April and May!

As stated on our “Welcome!” page, April and May intends to be a place where writers—whether they are poets, poetry lovers, or others who are interested in pursuing the writing of poetry—can gather and are challenged to produce, and share, at least one poem per day during the month of April, or a poem every other day throughout April and May. We understand how difficult it can be to commit EVERY day, so we’re offering some flexibility by doing this for a longer period of time.

There’ll be optional prompts available each day, in case you (well, the general “you”) are struggling to write a poem that day or are simply looking for a particular challenge that day. We understand how difficult that can be, too.

Once submitted, your poems will be posted here to be viewed by your fellow writers, and to potentially be workshopped by them, in our Comments section.

If you’re interested in taking part in April and May, please contact McKenzie Lynn Tozan at mcklynntozan@gmail.com, and she will begin to post your April/May poetry!